Lil Wiz Portable Stand & Sound System for Tablets & IPads - Wiz Spander

$99.99 CAD

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WizSpander is a Portable Stand & Sound System for tablets & iPads with Bluetooth & NFC capability! 

WizSpander is a Portable Stand & Sound System for tablets & iPads and all other smart devices that delivers surprisingly rich, full sound, from a remarkably compact, and lightweight package that rivals much larger speakers. The foldable design with integrated tablet/phone stand makes it the perfect travel companion for your electronics on the go. It is ideal for day trips to the park, beach, or anywhere else you can think of where you want great quality sound! It is also great for parties, sound easily fills a large room. Enjoy deep bass, smooth mid-tones, and crisp treble that your phone or tablet just can't give you at any volume.

It works with all Bluetooth 2.1 capable tablets and works with all different tablet sizes. It caan also be worn while doing activities. Get one now and stand back as the sound blows you and your friends away!


  • Connects wirelessly to your mobile devices using bluetooth technology
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Built-In Microphone for hands free operation
  • NFC Capability
  • 6 Watts
  • Works with Smart phone. iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC.
  • Rechargeable battery with charging option via USB cable (included)
Bluetooth:2.1+EDR, DSP, A2DP, AVRCP, Extreme Noise Block
Frequency Range: 500Hz - 20KHz
Power Supply:Built-in lithium battery

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