Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer With ½ Acre Coverage - BK15CCN

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Advanced electronic system provides maximum luring power to kill and eliminate mosquitoes, gnats, flies, mites and other flying insect pests – without harming the environment!

  • Patented full-size, high efficiency, non-clogging killing grid
  • Easy bulb replacement – Ultraviolet (blacklight) bulbs
  • Rugged, weatherproof construction will not rust, crack or fade
  • Molded with high quality waterproof and flame proof plastic
  • Long-distance attraction
  • Plugs into any ordinary household electrical outlet
  • Low-cost operation
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • 5600 Volt electrically charged killing grid
  • All internal parts are replaceable. 
REACH½ acre coverage
WEIGHT4.8 lbs.
UNIT DIMENSIONS8.5” x 8.5” x 12”
CARTON DIMENSIONS9.25” x 9.25” x 12.5”
CASE WEIGHT30.9 lbs.
CASE DIMENSIONS28.5” x 19.25”x14.5”
USESBF-35 Bulb

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