Panasonic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology - KXHN3051
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Baby monitor with DECT technology

Handheld colour monitor and long-range compact camera system with night vision, long-battery life and smart sensors.

Secure and interference free reliable long-range coverage

Most baby monitors lose the signal between about 550 - 950 feet due to interference with other 2.4 GHz devices (Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc.). The Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor utilizes DECT technology, providing an independent closed network for up to 1500 feet of secure, interference-free range. That’s more than the length of 4 full-size football fields! 1500 feet achievable in straight line-of-sight. Actual distance will vary based on number and types of objects in path.

Long-lasting battery insures you that you’ll always be connected to your baby

A baby monitor can give you the peace of mind you need to freely move around the house while your baby naps. You can use either AC power or rechargeable batteries to power the monitor without worrying about the battery going dead. Battery life is 13 hours in standby mode (audio on) or 5 hours of continuous operation. The long battery life design minimizes the hassle of recharging.

Talk to your baby anytime

Equipped with a microphone and speaker for 2-way communication. Conveniently listen for the sounds of your restless baby and reassure them of your presence by simply pressing and holding the “TALK ” button. Soothe your baby back to sleep with your voice without distracting them. Give your baby the confidence of knowing you’re there when they need you.

Wide angle view watches baby’s movement and gives you peace of mind

Capture your baby’s movements remotely from the monitor unit, with the Pan and Tilt function in a range of ±136 degrees and 0 to -44 degrees, respectively. Have a closer look and take comfort in seeing your baby sleeping peacefully with the Zoom function.

Customizable smart function

Motion, temperature, and sound sensors with automatic notifications activate whenever action is required. A chime will sound to notify you, an LED will illuminate and a notification will display on the monitor screen. Any change in room conditions will be detected and trigger either an alert or response, such as when low temperature is detected, you can choose to close the window. Control room conditions quickly and easily.

Gentle, soothing sound helps calm your baby for deeper, more restful sleep

The built-in sound generator creates a natural listening experience that relaxes babies, lulling them into a deeper and more restful sleep. Panasonic’s baby monitor has 5 types of white noise sound, in addition to lullabies.

Sound clarity enables you to hear everything and sleep

Babbling, gurgling, crying, or just breathing softly – whatever sounds your baby makes, you can always hear them clearly. Take comfort in safely napping while your baby is sleeping, knowing that you’ll hear every sound.

Wireless System
Wireless SystemDECT
Frequency Range
Frequency Range1.92 GHz - 1.93 GHz
Transmitting Range
Transmitting RangeApprox. 457.5 m (1,500 feet)*1
Optional Camera Unit
Optional Camera UnitKX-HNC301
Camera Angle
HorizontalApprox. 37°
VerticalApprox. 28°
DiagonalApprox. 45°
PanApprox. ±136°
Tilt (facing forward - facing down)
Tilt (facing forward - facing down)Approx. 0° to -44°
Video Compression
Video CompressionH.264
Image Sensor
Image Sensor0.3 megapixel CMOS
Camera Resolution
Camera Resolution640 x 480 pixel (VGA)
Max Frame Rate
Max Frame RateUp to 10 fps
Focal length
Focal lengthFixed (0.4 m (1.3 feet) – infinity)
Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range-
High Dynamic Range
High Dynamic Range-
IR Cut
IR Cut-
Recording Time
Recording Time-
Night Vision (Range)
Night Vision (Range)Yes (Approx. 4 m (13 feet))
Smart sensors
Smart sensorsSound sensor Movement sensor Temperature sensor
Infrared Sensor Detection Range
Detection range-
Visual sensor Detection Range
HorizontalApprox. 37°
VerticalApprox. 28°
Dustproof / Waterproof Rating
Dustproof / Waterproof Rating-
Noise Reduction
Noise ReductionYes
Speaker Volume
Speaker Volume6-step + OFF
Playing a Lullaby/ Sound
Playing a Lullaby/ SoundYes (Manual, Auto)
Number of Lullabies/ Sounds
Number of Lullabies/ SoundsLullabies: 5, Sound Effects (White Noises) : 5
Privacy shutter
Privacy shutter-
Status Indication
Status IndicationLED (Green)
Setup Button
Setup ButtonOne Push Pairing button
microSD Card Slot
microSD Card Slot-
Wall Mountable
Wall MountableYes
Adjustable Mounting Angles
VerticalFacing down: Approx. -15° (fixed)
Power Source100 - 240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz
Operating Conditions
Operating Conditions0 °C ~ 40 °C (32 °F ~ 104 °F) up to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Power Consumption
Standby2.1 W
During Operation2.8 W*2 4.2 W*3
Charging3.9 W
Dimensions/ Weight
Camera Dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 123 mm x 77 mm x 69 mm (4 13/16 inches x 3 1/16 inches x 2 11/16 inches)
Power Cord (AC Adaptor Cord) LengthApprox. 3 m (9 feet 10 1/16 inches)
WeightApprox. 224 g (0.49 lb)
Monitor Dimensions (H x W x D)Approx. 37 mm x 125 mm x 81 mm*5 (1 7/16 inches x 4 15/16 inches x 3 3/16 inches) Approx. 79 mm x 125 mm x 48 mm*6 (3 1/8 inches x 4 15/16 inches x 1 7/8 inches)
Power Cord (AC Adaptor Cord) LengthApprox. 1.8 m (5 feet 10 13/16 inches)
WeightApprox. 208 g (0.46 lb)*7
Monitor Unit
Monitor UnitWhite
Size8.89 cm (3.5 in)
TypeFull dot TFT colour 16.7M Colours
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
Monitor Resolution320 x 240 pixel (QVGA)
Number of Camera Units
Number of Camera UnitsUp to 4 units
Camera switching
Camera switchingManual, Auto
Motion Notification
Motion NotificationYes
Sound Notification
Sound NotificationYes
Noise Reduction
Noise ReductionYes
Speaker Volume
Speaker Volume6-step + OFF
Status Indication
Status IndicationLED (Green/ Amber)
Setup Button
Setup Button-
Wall Mountable
Wall Mountable-
Power Source100 - 240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz*4
Operating Conditions
Operating Conditions0 °C ~ 40 °C (32 °F ~ 104 °F) up to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Battery Performance
Monitoring TimeUp to 5 hours
Standby TimeUp to 13 hours
Charge TimeAbout 8 hours
Note*1 Line-of-sight distance between Camera Unit and Monitor Unit. *2 When the LED lights are not lit. *3 When the LED lights are lit. *4 For battery charging *5 Flat (with stand / camera upright) *6 Stand (with stand / camera angled) *7 Including the battery

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