• HPS 600
    (Home Theaters in a Box - Receiver Systems)

    Niro and his team focused on eliminating sound interferences to achieve ultimate clarity and localization of sound. This led to the creation of the HPS (patent pending) - a surround sound field that envelops the listener just like in a movie theatre. This enabled reproduction of sounds not only coming from the rear, but also spreading over a vertical expanse. The Niro HPS uses two enclosures that contain 5 meticulously engineered drivers as well as 5 super tweeters, plus a sub that reproduces a true 5.1 channel surround sound. Separating the front speakers (FL + C + FR) from the surround sound speakers (LS + RS) and housing them in the bottom unit and top unit respectively, significantly improved the resolution of sounds generated by each speaker unit and enabled a delivery of very clear sounds to the listener.

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